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NOAA Tide Predictions

About NOAA Tide Predictions

Choose a station using our Google Map , Google Earth KML IconGoogle Earth, click on a state below, or search by station name, ID, or latitude/longitude.
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    La IsabelaTEC4645+22.9333-80.0000Subordinate
    Bahia de Nuevitas entranceTEC4647+21.6333-77.1167Subordinate
    Nuevitas, Bahia de NuevitasTEC4649+21.5833-77.2500Subordinate
    Puerto PadreTEC4651+21.2333-76.5500Subordinate
    Puerto de GibaraTEC4653+21.1167-76.1167Subordinate
    Bahia de Nipe entranceTEC4655+20.7833-75.5667Subordinate
    Antilla, Bahia de NipeTEC4657+20.8333-75.7333Subordinate
    Bahia de Levisa entranceTEC4659+20.7500-75.4667Subordinate
    Sagua de Tanamo, Bahia deTEC4661+20.7167-75.3167Subordinate
    Punta MaisiTEC4665+20.2500-74.1333Subordinate
    Guantanamo BayTEC4667+19.9000-75.1500Subordinate
    Puerto de Santiago de CubaTEC4669+19.9833-75.8667Subordinate
    Puerto de PilonTEC4671+19.9000-77.3167Subordinate
    Manzanillo, Golfo de GuacanayaboTEC4673+20.3500-77.1167Subordinate
    Bahia de Cienfuegos        
        Punta PasacaballosTEC4677+22.0667-80.4500Subordinate
    Carapachibey, Isla de PinosTEC4681+21.4500-82.9167Subordinate
    La ColomaTEC4683+22.2333-83.5667Subordinate
    Cabo San AntonioTEC4685+21.8667-84.9667Subordinate
    Bahia HondaTEC4687+22.9667-83.2167Subordinate

History of Changes/Updates to NOAA Tide Predictions

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Search Help

The station search can find Tide Prediction stations by name, station id, or by latitude/longitude.

  • Station Name
    Enter a minimum of 3 characters of a station name to retrieve a listing of stations containing those exact characters in their name. The more text entered, the more precise the search will be. Entering the name of a state will return all station in that state. Similarly, entering the name of a region or sub-region will return the stations in that group.
  • Station Id
    Station Ids are 7-characters long and may contain letters and/or numbers. Most Station Ids are all digits and follow the "Cutter" geographic numbering system. You may enter a partial station id, as long you provide at least 3 characters on which to search.
  • Latitude, Longitude
    Examples: Lat/Lon search should be entered in +/- decimal degree notation:
    • 38,-76
    • +38, -76
    • +38.1, -76.2
    • -30, -120.07
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