Coastal and estuarine currents describe the movement of water from one location to another. NOAA periodically conducts current surveys in areas around the nation to ensure the accuracy of tidal current predictions. CO-OPS also offers real-time current information as part of many of our Physical Oceanographic Real Time Systems. Commercial and recreational mariners depend on this information for safe navigation. Click on graphic to enlarge. (Download this infographic)

  • NOAA Current Predictions

    The predicted time and speed of maximum flood/ebb and timing of slack water for all official NOAA current stations.
  • Real Time Currents

    Real time current information from actively installed current meter stations.
  • HF Radar Surface Currents

    Displays both near real time surface current observations and surface tidal current predictions. Presently, CO-OPS displays observations and predictions from San Francisco Bay, Chesapeake Bay and New York Harbor.
  • Historic Current data

    Provides data from historic current surveys.
Coastal and Estuarine Current Surveys.