West Raspberry Island, AK - Station ID: 9457535

Established:Apr 29, 2014
Time Meridian:135° W
Present Installation:Apr 29, 2014
Date Removed:2014-10-12
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):N/A
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):N/A
Mean Range:11.56 ft.
Diurnal Range:14.04 ft.
Latitude58° 6.4' N
Longitude153° 20.4' W
NOAA Chart#:16576
Met Site Elevation: ft. above
Today's Tides (LST/LDT)
graphical depiction of low tide
3:04 PM
3:09 AMhigh 13.9 ft.
9:05 AMlow 2.0 ft.
3:04 PMhigh 15.3 ft.
9:31 PMlow -0.5 ft.

How to reach: To reach the tidal bench marks from Port Lions, AK by boat, start at the entrance to Settler Cove at position 57 52.428 N, 152 51.598 W, and proceed in Kizhuyak Bay on course 043.6T for 2.321 nautical miles (NM) to 57 54.213 N 152 46.435 W, then proceed through Whale Passage on course 310.3 T for 3.074NM to 57 56.201 N 152 50.851 W where Pokati Point will be abeam to port. Continue through Kupreanof Strait on course 289.7 T for 14.533NM to 58 01.093 N 153 16.660 W with Outlet Cape abeam to port, then continue on course 279.6T for 2.990NM until Malina Point is abeam to starboard at 5801.593 N 153 22.226 W. Alter course to 312.3T for 3.422NM until Raspberry Cape is abeam to starboard at position 58 03.897 N 153 27.007 W and then proceed on course 036.1T for 3.322NM to position 58 06.582 N 153 23.328 W. Finally, proceed on course 104.1 T to enter Driver Bay where the benchmarks are located along the rocky shore.

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