Red Bluff Bay, Baranof Island, AK - Station ID: 9451467

Established:Jun 16, 1926
Time Meridian:135° W
Present Installation:May 21, 2013
Date Removed:2013-06-29
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):N/A
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):N/A
Mean Range:10.38 ft.
Diurnal Range:12.81 ft.
Latitude56° 51.4' N
Longitude134° 43.4' W
NOAA Chart#:17336
Met Site Elevation: ft. above
Today's Tides (LST)
graphical depiction of low tide
7:59 AM
1:29 AMlow 3.4 ft.
7:59 AMhigh 12.5 ft.
2:51 PMlow 1.1 ft.
9:22 PMhigh 9.4 ft.

How to reach: To reach the tidal bench marks from Sitka, AK, by boat, start at the rock jetty entrance to the small boat harbor and proceed for 0.36 nm (0.67 km) on course, then proceed for 2.08 nm (3.84km) past Passage Islands, then proceed for 14.99 nm (27.76 km) past Biorka Island, then proceed for 52.87nm (97.91 km) to the most southern point of Baranof Island, then proceed for 3.40 nm (6.30 km) to past Wooden Island, then proceed for 29.55 nm (54.73 km), then proceed for 11.74 nm (21.73km), then proceed for 1.29 nm (2.39 km) to the entrance of Red Bluff Bay, then proceed for 0.21 nm (0.40 km), then proceed for 0.18 nm (0.34 km), then proceed for 0.27 nm (0.49 km), then proceed for 0.17 nm (0.31 km) then proceed for 0.34 nm (0.63 km), and finally, proceed for 0.29 nm (0.54 km). The bench marks are located on the northeastern portion of Red Bluff Bay, at an old cannery site, set in boulders and bedrock along the beach.

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