Whitefish Point, Lake Superior, MI - Station ID: 9099007

Established:Jan 01, 1966
Time Meridian:75° W
Present Installation:Apr 29, 2018
Date Removed:2018-10-11
Water Level Max (ref IGLD 1985):N/A
Water Level Min (ref IGLD 1985)N/A
Mean Range:N/A
Diurnal Range:N/A
Latitude46° 45.6' N
Longitude84° 57.8' W
NOAA Chart#:14962
Met Site Elevation: ft. above
Tide predictions are not available for Great Lakes stations.
The phone number for voice access to all Great Lakes stations information is:

How to reach: To reach the bench marks from the intersection of SR-123 and Whitefish Point Road in Paradise, MI go north on the Whitefish Point Road for 17.18 km (10.67 mi) to the entrance for the Whitefish Point Harbor and public boat launch on the right. The bench marks are located along Whitefish Point Road, on the Whitefish Point Harbor breakwater pier, and at the end of Whitefish Point Road at the Great Lakes Shipwreck museum. The water level sensor is located at the Whitefish Point Harbor outer breakwater.

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