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New Haven, CT - Station ID: 8465705

Established:Aug 11, 1999
Time Meridian:75° W
Present Installation:Aug 11, 1999
Date Removed:N/A
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):5.52 ft. Oct 30, 2012
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):-3.09 ft. Dec 12, 2000
Mean Range:6.14 ft.
Diurnal Range:6.71 ft.
Latitude41° 17' N
Longitude72° 54.5' W
NOAA Chart#:12371
Met Site Elevation:9.9 ft. above MSL
Today's Tides (LST)
graphical depiction of low tide
11:11 PM
4:26 AMhigh 6.3 ft.
10:57 AMlow 0.2 ft.
5:04 PMhigh 5.6 ft.
11:11 PMlow 0.3 ft.

Sensor Information

SensorSensor IDDCP#Sensor HeightStatus
Backup WLB12N/A Enabled
WindC1126.7 ft. above site Elevation Enabled
Air TemperatureD1117.0 ft. above site Elevation Enabled
Water TemperatureE116.9 ft. below MLLW Enabled
Barometric PressureF1121.6 ft. above MSL Enabled
For questions about disabled sensors, please contact CO-OPS User Services.


How to reach: To reach the tide station and tidal bench marks from Interstate 95 North in New Haven, take Exit 50 for Woodward Avenue and proceed down ramp for 0.5 km (0.3 mi). Keep right at the fork and follow signs for the Port Area, make a right U-turn and proceed northwest for 0.6 km (0.4 mi) toward Waterfront Street. Turn left onto Waterfront Street and proceed south for 0.5 km (0.3 mi) to the guard house and entrance to the PSEG Power Plant at the end of the street. Visitors must call one or two days prior, and check in with the guard at the gate upon arrival. Continue south on the entrance road to the second guard house, and check in with the guard. Ask the guard to unlock the fuel dock (pier). Follow the entrance road to the fuel dock. The tide station is on the south side of the offshore end of the fuel dock, and the tidal bench marks are located on the fuel dock and along a road running north and parallel with the water.

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