Harmonic Constituents for 8722548, PGA Boulevard Bridge, Palm Beach FL

Constituent #
Order in which the National Ocean Service lists the constituents
Common name used to refer to a particular constituent, subscript refers to the number of cycles per day
One-half the range of a tidal constituent
The phase lag of the observed tidal constituent relative to the theoretical equilibrium tide
The rate change in the phase of a constituent, expressed in degrees per hour. The speed is equal to 360 degrees divided by the constituent period expressed in hours
The full name of the tidal constituent

Please refer to the Tide and Current Glossary for definitions of terms. Amplitudes are in feet. Phases are in degrees, referenced to GMT. Z0 (MSL): 0 feet
Constituent #NameAmplitudePhaseSpeedDescription
1M21.2335.928.984104Principal lunar semidiurnal constituent
2S20.267.330.0Principal solar semidiurnal constituent
3N20.2818.128.43973Larger lunar elliptic semidiurnal constituent
4K10.19234.415.041069Lunar diurnal constituent
5M40.02326.657.96821Shallow water overtides of principal lunar constituent
6O10.16245.813.943035Lunar diurnal constituent
7M60.04112.586.95232Shallow water overtides of principal lunar constituent
8MK30.01253.844.025173Shallow water terdiurnal
10MN40.01303.857.423832Shallow water quarter diurnal constituent
11NU20.0619.628.512583Larger lunar evectional constituent
13MU20.0361.927.968208Variational constituent
142N20.05346.127.895355Lunar elliptical semidiurnal second-order constituent
15OO10.01261.616.139101Lunar diurnal
16LAM20.0221.229.455626Smaller lunar evectional constituent
17S10.01297.415.0Solar diurnal constituent
18M10.01312.914.496694Smaller lunar elliptic diurnal constituent
19J10.01238.015.5854435Smaller lunar elliptic diurnal constituent
21SSA0.1868.40.0821373Solar semiannual constituent
22SA0.26204.50.0410686Solar annual constituent
26Q10.03254.313.398661Larger lunar elliptic diurnal constituent
27T20.0350.029.958933Larger solar elliptic constituent
28R20.01299.730.041067Smaller solar elliptic constituent
30P10.05238.814.958931Solar diurnal constituent
33L20.0553.829.528479Smaller lunar elliptic semidiurnal constituent
35K20.0560.130.082138Lunisolar semidiurnal constituent

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