Datums for 8725685, CUTOFF SOUTH FL

NOTICE: All data values are relative to the MLLW.

Elevations on Mean Lower Low Water

Station: 8725685, CUTOFF SOUTH, FL
Status: Accepted (Apr 24 2012)
Units: Feet
Control Station: 8725110 Naples, Gulf of Mexico, FL
T.M.: 75
Epoch: 1983-2001
Datum: MLLW
MHHW1.48Mean Higher-High Water
MHW1.23Mean High Water
MTL0.78Mean Tide Level
MSL0.79Mean Sea Level
DTL0.74Mean Diurnal Tide Level
MLW0.32Mean Low Water
MLLW0.00Mean Lower-Low Water
NAVD881.26North American Vertical Datum of 1988
STND-2.57Station Datum
GT1.49Great Diurnal Range
MN0.91Mean Range of Tide
DHQ0.25Mean Diurnal High Water Inequality
DLQ0.33Mean Diurnal Low Water Inequality
HWI6.12Greenwich High Water Interval (in hours)
LWI12.11Greenwich Low Water Interval (in hours)
Max TideHighest Observed Tide
Max Tide Date & Time Highest Observed Tide Date & Time
Min TideLowest Observed Tide
Min Tide Date & Time Lowest Observed Tide Date & Time
HAT2.31Highest Astronomical Tide
HAT Date & Time11/05/1990 05:48HAT Date and Time
LAT-0.87Lowest Astronomical Tide
LAT Date & Time01/28/1987 11:54LAT Date and Time
Tidal Datum Analysis Periods
03/01/1978 - 05/31/1978

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