Valdez PORTS, NOAA/NOS 2024-05-17 23:11 AKDT                  

----------------------------Water Levels (above MLLW)---------------------------
Valdez                   8.6 ft, Steady  
                          Spd Dir Gusts                            Spd Dir Gusts
Valdez Duck Flats        6 kn   W     7  Valdez                   2 kn  NW     3
----------------------------Air and Water Temperature---------------------------
                           Air   Water                              Air   Water
Valdez Duck Flats        48 °F   51 °F   Valdez                   47 °F   46 °F
-------------------------------Barometric Pressure------------------------------
Valdez Duck Flats      1021 mb           Valdez                 1019 mb Rising 
----------------------------Salinity/Specific Gravity---------------------------
                         Salin.   S.G.                            Salin.   S.G.
Valdez                 29.3 psu  1.024   
------------------Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T------------------
                          Spd          Dir                           Spd          Dir
Valdez Marine Termi..  *** kn ( ),   ***°T Valdez Duck Flats      0.3 kn ( ), 279.0°T

*** Data not displayed as a result of quality control monitoring. For information on 
missing data, go to PORTS Station Status or call (301) 713-2540.