Tacoma PORTS, NOAA/NOS 2018-07-17 00:28 PDT                  

----------------------------Water Levels (above MLLW)---------------------------
Tacoma                   9.5 ft, Falling 
                          Spd Dir Gusts                            Spd Dir Gusts
Tacoma Winds             2 kn WNW     4  
----------------------------Air and Water Temperature---------------------------
                           Air   Water                              Air   Water
Tacoma                   70 °F   55 °F   
-------------------------------Barometric Pressure------------------------------
Tacoma                 1015 mb Rising    

*** Data not displayed as a result of quality control monitoring. For information on 
missing data, go to https://corms.nos.noaa.gov/instrument_status.html or call (301) 713-2540.