Sabine Neches PORTS, NOAA/NOS 2018-06-23 04:48 CDT               

----------------------------Water Levels (above MLLW)---------------------------
Rainbow Bridge           1.2 ft, Rising  Sabine Pass North        1.5 ft, Falling
Texas Point, Sabine..    1.5 ft, Falling 
                          Spd Dir Gusts                            Spd Dir Gusts
Sabine Pass North       10 kn SSW    16  Texas Point, Sabine..   13 kn SSW    18
----------------------------Air and Water Temperature---------------------------
                           Air   Water                              Air   Water
Sabine Pass North        81 °F   87 °F   Texas Point, Sabine..    82 °F   83 °F
-------------------------------Barometric Pressure------------------------------
Sabine Pass North      1013 mb Rising    Texas Point, Sabine..  1011 mb Rising 
------------------Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T------------------
                          Spd          Dir                           Spd          Dir
Port of Beaumont       0.2 kn (S), 121.0°T Rainbow Bridge         0.5 kn (F), 292.0°T
Port Arthur            0.3 kn (E), 130.0°T West Port Arthur Br..  0.4 kn (E),  73.0°T
Sabine Front Range     0.4 kn (F), 326.0°T USCG Sabine            *** kn ( ),   ***°T
Sab. Bank Ch LBB 34    0.8 kn (E),  86.0°T 

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