Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecast System (CBOFS)

CBIBS Potomac Entrance (44042)

Effective on May 20, 2020 beginning at 18z Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), two major changes for NOS OFS datasets on THREDDS will be implemented. Please see the Service Change Notice for details

1. Retention period change - Only the most recent 31 days of OFS output files will be available on CO-OPS THREDDS.

2. File structure changes - To improve THREDDS performance related to file access and data aggregation

All model nowcast and forecast information is based on a hydrodynamic model and should be considered as computer-generated nowcast and forecast guidance.

CBIBS Potomac Entrance Water Temperature Time Series Plot
CBIBS Potomac Entrance Salinity Time Series Plot

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