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NOAA HAB-OFS Conditions Report

NOAA's Gulf of Mexico HAB forecast is being enhanced - on August 2nd, this site will move to a publicly available Gulf of Mexico Dashboard for both Florida and Texas forecasts. Please update your bookmarks.

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Southwest Florida Conditions Report

County RegionFri 07-23-21Sat 07-24-21Sun 07-25-21Mon 07-26-21
Southern PASCO County-Gulf Coast moderatemoderatelowlow
Northern PINELLAS County-Gulf Coast highhighlowlow
Northern PINELLAS County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Northern PINELLAS Countylowlowlowlow
Southern PINELLAS County-Gulf Coast highhighmoderatemoderate
Southern PINELLAS County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
PINELLAS and northern MANATEE County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Southern MANATEE County-Gulf Coast highhighmoderatemoderate
Southern MANATEE County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Northern SARASOTA County-Gulf Coast moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Northern SARASOTA County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Southern SARASOTA County-Gulf Coast moderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Southern SARASOTA County-Bay Regions lowlowlowlow
Northern CHARLOTTE County-Gulf Coast very lowlowlowlow
Northern CHARLOTTE County-Bay Regions very lowvery lowvery lowvery low
Southern CHARLOTTE County-Bay Regions nonenonenonenone
Northern LEE County-Gulf Coast very lowvery lownonenone
Northern LEE County-Bay Regions lowlowlowlow
Central LEE County-Gulf Coast nonenonenonenone
Central LEE County-Bay Regions very lowvery lowvery lowvery low