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NOAA HAB-OFS Conditions Report

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Southwest Florida Conditions Report

County RegionThu 01-17-19Fri 01-18-19Sat 01-19-19Sun 01-20-19Mon 01-21-19
Southern PINELLAS County-Gulf Coast lowlowlowlowlow
PINELLAS and northern MANATEE County-Bay Regions lowlowmoderatemoderatelow
Southern MANATEE County-Gulf Coast moderatemoderatemoderatemoderatemoderate
Southern MANATEE County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatemoderatehigh
Northern SARASOTA County-Gulf Coast lowhighhighhighlow
Northern SARASOTA County-Bay Regions moderatemoderatemoderatehighhigh
Southern SARASOTA County-Gulf Coast lowhighhighhighlow
Southern CHARLOTTE County-Bay Regions very lowvery lowvery lowvery lowvery low

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