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Atlantic Coast Current Tables

StatusNOS IDStation NameLatitude, NorthLongitude, West
Deleted1986Woods hole, South end, Massachusetts41.513-70.670
NewCOD0912Woods Hole, Juniper Point, Massachusetts41.516-70.672
Deleted1991Woods Hole, 0.1 mile SW of Devils Foot Island, Massachusetts41.520-70.685
NewCOD0911WOODS HOLE, THE STRAIT, Massachusetts41.519-70.683
RevisedCOD0910Woods Hole, North end, Massachusetts41.523-70.693
NewCOD0913Robinsons Hole, Nashuon Point, Massachusetts41.450-70.807
Deleted2001Robinsons Hole, South end, Massachusetts41.445-70.803
Deleted2006Robinsons Hole, Middle, Massachusetts41.450-70.806
Deleted2011Robinsons Hole, North end, Massachusetts41.457-70.812
Revised2016Quicks Hole, South end, Massachusetts41.438-70.842
Deleted2021Quicks Hole, Middle, Massachusetts41.443-70.848
NewCOD0914Quicks Hole, Middle, Massachusetts41.443-70.848
Revised2026Quicks Hole, North end, Massachusetts41.452-70.850
Deleted2031Canapitsit Channel, Massachusetts41.423-70.908
NewCOD0915Canapitsit Channel, Massachusetts41.424-70.908
Revised2036Westport River entrance, Massachusetts41.508-71.088
Revised2046Ribbon Reef-Sow & Pigs Reef, between, Massachusetts41.422-70.970
Revised2051Penikese Island, 0.8 mile northwest of, Massachusetts41.465-70.937
Revised2056Penikese Island, 0.2 mile south of, Massachusetts41.443-70.925
Revised2061Gull I. and Nashawena I., between, Massachusetts41.437-70.903
Revised2066Weepecket Island, south of, Massachusetts41.507-70.738
Revised2091Dumpling Rocks, 0.2 mile southeast of41.533-70.918
NewCOD0909New Bedford Hurricane Barrier, Massachusetts41.623-70.905
Deleted2116West Island, 1 mile southeast of, Massachusetts41.567-70.810
NewCOD0908West Island, 1 mile Southeast of, Massachusetts41.566-70.811
NewCOD0907Cleveland Ledge, Massachusetts41.632-70.697
Deleted2086Abiels Ledge, 0.4 mile south of, Massachusetts41.685-70.673
NewCOD0906Abiels ledge, Massachusetts41.690-70.671
Revised2136Wareham River, off Long Beach Point, Massachusetts41.733-70.717
Revised2141Wareham River, off Barneys Point, Massachusetts41.745-70.707
Deleted2146Onset Bay, south of Onset Island, Massachusetts41.732-70.645
Deleted2151Onset Bay, south of Wickets Island, Massachusetts41.735-70.655
NewCOD0905Hog Neck, Massachusetts41.724-70.639
Revised2161Bourne Highway bridge, Massachusetts41.750-70.583
RevisedCOD0903Bournedale, Massachusetts41.766-70.567
RevisedCOD0902Sagamore Bridge, Massachusetts41.776-70.543
RevisedCOD0901Cape Cod Canal, east end, Massachusetts41.776-70.499
Revised7701Fort Clinch, 0.6 n.mi. NE of, Georgia30.706-81.441
Revised7706Fort Clinch, 0.3 n.mi. N of, Georgia30.706-81.452
Revised7711Fort Clinch, 0.1 n.mi. N of, Georgia30.704-81.453
Revised7716Fort Clinch, 1.1 n.mi. NW of, Georgia30.709-81.473
Revised7721Cumberland Island, Range B Channel, Georgia30.725-81.484
Revised7726Drum Point Island, Range D Channel, Georgia30.759-81.486
Revised7731Kings Bay, Lower Turning Basin, Georgia30.793-81.508
Revised7736Stafford Island, west of, Georgia30.810-81.492
Revised7741Old Fernandina, Amelia River, Florida30.687-81.460
Revised7746Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida30.668-81.468
Revised7751Kingsley Creek, highway bridge, Florida30.628-81.485
Revised7756Midsound, 1 mi. N of Sawpit Creek entrance, Florida30.523-81.452
Revised7761South Amelia River, off Walker Creek, Florida30.537-81.465
Revised7766Nassau River, SW of Mesa Marsh, Florida30.533-81.480
Revised7771Ft. George River, Florida30.457-81.452
Deleted7866Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida27.472-80.292
NewFPI0901FORT PIERCE INLET ENTRANCE, Florida27.471-80.292
NewFPI0902Inner Range, north of USCG station, Florida27.466-80.308
NewFPI0904Fort Pierce Inlet, Turning Basin, Florida27.460-80.321
NewFPI0903Fort Pierce Inlet, South Bridge (ICW), Florida27.460-80.319
Deleted7871Lake Worth Inlet (between jetties), Florida26.772-80.036
NewLWI0901LAKE WORTH INLET ENTRANCE, Florida26.773-80.036
NewLWI0903Lake Worth Inlet, Pier 13, Florida26.767-80.051
NewLWI0904Lake Worth Inlet, North Turning Basin, Florida26.771-80.050
Deleted7886Port Everglades, Entrance (between jetties), Florida26.093-80.105
NewPEV0901PORT EVERGLADES ENTRANCE, Florida26.093-80.106
Deleted7891Port Everglades, Entrance from southward (canal), Florida26.087-80.115
Deleted7896Port Everglades, Turning Basin, Florida26.095-80.118
NewPEV0902Port Everglades, Turning Basin, Florida26.095-80.117
Deleted7901Port Everglades, Turning Basin, 300 yards north of, Florida26.097-80.118
Deleted7906Port Everglades, 17th Street Bridge, Florida26.100-80.119
NewPEV0903Port Everglades, 17th Street Bridge, Florida26.100-80.119
Revised7876Fort Lauderdale, New River, Florida26.112-80.120
NewPEV0904Port Everglades, South Entrance (ICW), Florida26.087-80.113
NewPEV0905Port Everglades, South Port, at the terminals, Florida26.074-80.114
Revised7911Miami Harbor, Bakers Haulover Cut, Florida25.900-80.123
Deleted7916Miami Harbor, East entrance, off north jetty, Florida25.760-80.122
Deleted7921Miami Harbor, East entrance, inside south jetty, Florida25.760-80.128
NewMIH0802Miami Harbor, South Jetty, Florida25.760-80.127
Deleted7926Miami Harbor, Midway, north side, Florida25.764-80.133
RevisedMIH0901MIAMI HARBOR ENTRANCE, Florida25.764-80.134
Deleted7936Miami Harbor, West entrance, south side, Florida25.764-80.138
NewMIH0804Miami Harbor, West entrance, south side, Florida25.765-80.138
Deleted7941Miami Harbor, Causeway Is., 0.2 mi. SE of, Florida25.768-80.143
NewMIH0805Miami Harbor, Fisher Island Turning Basin, Florida25.768-80.144
NewMIH0808Miami Harbor, Main Ship Channel, Florida25.773-80.157
Deleted7946Miami Harbor, Lummus Is., northeast corner, Florida25.767-80.145
Deleted7956Miami Harbor, Dodge Is., 0.1 mi. off NW corner, Florida25.782-80.182
NewMIH0812Miami Harbor, Dodge Island, SE Turning Basin, Florida25.782-80.181
NewMIH0813Miami Harbor, Dodge Island, NW Turning Basin, Florida25.786-80.184
NewMIH0806Miami Harbor, Pilot House, Florida25.766-80.146
NewMIH0807Miami Harbor, Norris Cut, Florida25.765-80.151
Deleted7966Miami Harbor, Fisher Is., 0.2 mi. NW of, Florida25.764-80.151
Deleted7971Miami Harbor, Lummus Is., 0.15 mi. off SW corner, Florida25.765-80.162
NewMIH0809Miami Harbor, Lummus Island, SW corner, Florida25.765-80.162
NewMIH0810Miami Harbor, Lummus Island Turning Basin, Florida25.768-80.168
Deleted7976Miami Harbor, West end, SW of Dodge Island, Florida25.773-80.179
NewMIH0811Miami Harbor, Dodge Island Cut, west end, Florida25.773-80.178
Deleted7981Miami River entrance, Florida25.770-80.187
NewMIH0814Miami River Entrance, Florida25.770-80.188
Revised7986Miami Harbor, Fowey Rocks Light, 1.5 miles SW of, Florida25.583-80.117
Deleted8421Anclote Key, off, Florida28.167-82.830

Pacific Coast Current Tables

NewAK03TATracy Arm Bar, Stephens Passage, Alaska57.780-133.632
NewKOD0944North of Perevalnie Island, Shuyak Island, Alaska58.652-152.397
NewKOD0938Lighthouse Point, Shuyak Island, Alaska58.485-152.670
Deleted3761Cape Current Narrows, Shuyak Strait, Alaska58.467-152.500
NewKOD0939Cape Current Narrows, Shuyak Strait, Alaska58.467-152.495
NewKOD0940East Shuyak Strait Entrance, Alaska58.458-152.428
NewKOD0937Alligator Island, Shelikof Strait, Alaska58.461-152.826
NewKOD0936Black Cape, Shelikof Strait, Alaska58.406-152.907
NewKOD0926Steep Cape, Shelikof Strait, Alaska58.214-153.220
NewKOD0925Cape Kuliuk, Shelikof Strait, Alaska57.794-154.032
NewKOD0923Uyak Anchorage, Uyak Bay, Alaska57.637-153.995
NewKOD0924Larsen Bay, Uyak Bay, Alaska57.542-153.988
NewKOD0922Cape Grant, Shelikof Strait, Alaska57.417-154.766
NewKOD0921Cape Ikolik, Shelikof Strait, Alaska57.286-154.828
NewKOD0935Raspberry Strait, south of Muskomee Bay, Alaska58.072-153.065
Deleted3773Kupreanof Strait, 0.8 mi. off Chernof Pt, Alaska57.967-152.917
NewKOD0927Raspberry Cape, south of, Alaska58.019-153.430
NewKOD09282.5nm east of Outlet Cape, Alaska57.998-153.156
NewKOD0929Chernof Point, 0.8mile off, Alaska57.960-152.901
Deleted3777Whale Passage, northwest entrance, Alaska57.933-152.867
Deleted3781Whale Passage, off Bird Point, Alaska57.917-152.800
NewKOD0930Whale Passage, Northwest Entrance, Alaska57.940-152.863
NewKOD0931Whale Passage, off Bird Point, Alaska57.919-152.795
NewKOD0932Shag Rocks, Whale Passage, Alaska57.908-152.777
NewKOD0934Afognak Strait, East Entrance, Alaska57.995-152.684
NewKOD0941Tonki Cape, east of, Alaska58.346-151.915
NewKOD0942Marmot Island, west of, Alaska58.244-151.932
NewKOD0943Marmot Island, southwest of, Alaska58.171-151.967
Deleted3785Narrow Strait, off Ouzinkie Point, Alaska57.917-152.533
NewKOD0933Narrow Strait, off Ouzinkie Point, Alaska57.912-152.524
NewKOD0904Woody Island, north of, Alaska57.806-152.334
NewKOD0905Woody Channel, Alaska57.780-152.366
Deleted3789Kodiak Harbor (narrows) Chiniak Bay, Alaska57.783-152.400
NewKOD0903KODIAK HARBOR NARROWS, Alaska57.789-152.394
NewKOD0902St. Paul Harbor, Alaska57.774-152.435
NewKOD0901Cliff Point, 1.8miles NE of, Alaska57.736-152.385
NewKOD0906Cape Chiniak, Alaska57.608-152.090
NewKOD0907Ugak Bay Entrance, Alaska57.400-152.535
NewKOD0910Left Cape, east of, Sitkalidak Strait, Alaska57.231-152.884
NewKOD0911Cathedral Island, east of, Sitkalidak Strait, Alaska57.198-153.105
NewKOD0912Old Harbor, Sitkalidak Strait, Alaska57.177-153.325
NewKOD0913Natalia Point, Sitkalidak Strait, Alaska57.073-153.451
Deleted3793Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.650-154.150
NewKOD0915Geese Island, south of, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.686-153.920
NewKOD0914Geese Channel, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.779-153.809
NewKOD0916Cape Sitkinak, east of, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.578-153.791
NewKOD0919Russian Harbor, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.740-154.034
NewKOD0918Cape Trinity, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.750-154.201
NewKOD0917Sitkinak Strait, southwest entrance, Sitkinak Strait, Alaska56.655-154.134
NewKOD0920Approach to Alitak Bay, Alaska56.784-154.641

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