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Real Time Text Summaries

The Automated Real-Time Narrative Summaries (ARNS) product is a brief, single paragraph summarizing the observation received from data sensors within a predefined region or for a single station. ARNS ingests the real-time data for all instruments within all PORTS® installations every six minutes, makes decisions about how to phrase the summaries based on predetermined rules and cases, and generates and disseminates the textual phrases. Presently, these paragraphs are available for PORTS® and their respective stations as well as through the PORTS® Voice System. The primary benefit of ARNS is to provide the ability for users to read a brief paragraph and understand what the general behavior of the estuary, port or harbor is in real-time with little or no interpretation on the their part.

The example below can be located at the bottom of the the main PORTS® map page.

Sample Narrative Summary for Chesapeake Bay North

Sample ARNS summary image

The example below can be located at the bottom of the PORTS® station pages.

Sample Narrative Summary for Annapolis, MD

Sample ARNS summary image

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