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Scheduled Power Outage

There is a scheduled building power outage which will affect CO-OPS' Tides and Currents web site ( beginning on Friday, August 28th, at 2:00 P.M. During this time, the Tides and Currents website will have limited capability. Click here for more information.


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High/Low Tide Predictions in Feet
from 2015/08/27 - 2015/08/28


 Date Day  Time     Hgt 
08/27 Thu 04:01 AM 0.07 L
08/27 Thu 09:56 AM 7.72 H
08/27 Thu 04:12 PM 0.2 L
08/27 Thu 10:13 PM 8.49 H
08/28 Fri 04:47 AM -0.36 L
08/28 Fri 10:44 AM 8.29 H
08/28 Fri 05:03 PM -0.32 L
08/28 Fri 11:03 PM 8.85 H

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