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Automated Real-Time Narrative Summary

Observations for Houston/Galveston Bay PORTS 2015-07-02 04:41:39 CDT

Water levels are rising at all four reporting stations, with readings between -0.2 and 1.6 feet. Water level at Eagle P is 0.7 feet higher than predicted.

Currents at Bay Entr Ch LB 11 are flooding at 1.5 knots.

Reported winds are generally light, with gusts to 6 knots.

Reported air temperatures range from the mid 70s to the low 80s °F, and reported water temperatures range from the high 70s to the mid 80s °F.

Barometric pressure is falling at Eagle P and Galveston Bay Entr. Readings are between 1015.2 and 1016.9 mb.

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